For Front-end UI Development

FUNCTION12 is a front-end developer workspace designed to help you throughout the front-end web and app development lifecycle.

FUNCTION12 - Front-end UI Developer Workspace
  • FUNCTION12-UI Design & Component Analysis
    Coming Soon

    🔍 UI Design & Component Analysis

    Stop wasting time to go through each design pages to identify design elements.

    FUNCTION12 detects and analyzes Figma design on behalf of developers to visualize the following in each design:

    • Pages
    • Components/Widgets
    • Tokens
    • Assets
  • Coming Soon

    📚 Dev Project Documentation

    Save your time for documenting your UI library.

    FUNCTION12 automates the UI library documentation just simply from a Figma design link.

    FUNCTION12-Development Project UI Library Documentation
  • FUNCTION12-Track Design History and Updates
    Coming Soon

    🔁 Design History & Updates Tracker

    FUNCTION12 eases the overall design handoff process by tracking and summarizing all the project history and updates such as:

    • Design updates in the original Figma project
    • Editing history of project
    • Deploy history
  • Coming Soon

    💻 Design-to-code System

    FUNCTION12 generates component-based clean code from Figma design.

    Able to read, edit, preview, and export code.

    FUNCTION12-Design-to-code System
  • FUNCTION12-Preview Deployment
    Coming Soon

    🔼 Deploy Previews

    FUNCTION12 provides the hosting space for you to deploy your work from Git repositories.

    A live preview site or app is provided upon deploy.

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